IT Assessments

What is an IT Assessment?

An IT assessment is an onsite visit to detail your complete IT infrastructure for the purpose of documentation. Based on our findings, we offer best practices and recommendations for operational improvements and upgrades, as well as plans for implementation and remediation. Our assessments focus on the following areas:

  • Network infrastructure. Comprises networking and computing hardware such as switches, routers, servers, computers and mobile devices.
  • Wireless access. Identifies wireless network strength, speed and stability.
  • Storage. Addresses capacity, recovery, speed, security and availability.
  • Unified communications. Gauges integration, ease of use, value and effectiveness for the purpose of greater collaboration.

What goes into an assessment?

  • Discover. We perform a site survey of your on-premise equipment, software applications and user needs.
  • Document. We compile a list of all hardware, software, network diagrams, and IT processes that are currently in place. We then analyze our findings and compare them with current technologies and best practices, revealing areas that require improvement or refinement, positively impacting and adding value to your infrastructure.
  • Design. We collaborate with you and your staff to develop an actionable roadmap encompassing prioritized items, differing solutions based on budgetary guidelines, and timetables for achieving integration and implementation.
  • Deploy. We partner with you to facilitate seamless execution of the planned changes and upgrades.

Key client benefits:

  • Stay competitive by adhering to industry standard best practices and implementing technologies that lead to greater productivity for your company.
  • Define a technology roadmap that balances cost and business needs to plan for your future and generate maximum ROI. Reveal and prioritize issues that are affecting business operations.